Meet Our Speakers

Ela Celebi speaker at searchstars 2019

Ela Celebi

Digital Accelaration Team member at Nestlé & Nordic E-commerce Analyst at Nespresso

Jill Quick

Co Founder of The Coloring in Department
Martin Splitt at SearchStars 2019

Martin Splitt

Developer Advocate, Webmaster Trends Analyst Team at Google
Simo Ahava at SearchStars 2019

Simo Ahava

Partner and co-founder at 8-bit-sheep

Becky Simms

Founder and CEO of Reflect Digital

Anders Hjorth

Digital Marketing Strategist at Innovell
Kristoffer Fredriksson at SearchStars

Kristoffer Yi Fredriksson

Concept Developer at 24HR
Taylor Ryan speaker at SearchStars 2019

Taylor Ryan

CMO of
Reggie at SearchStars

Rögnvaldur “Reggie” Gudmundsson

SEO Manager at Aftonbladet
Judith Lewis speaking at SearchStars

Judith Lewis

Founder at DeCabbit Consultancy
Jonas Grunfeld speaker at SearchStars 2019

Jonas Grünfeld

Business Development Director at Verve Search