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Natalie Mott Koozai

Meet Natalie Mott, Head of Owned Media at Koozai

It’s time to meet up with our last speaker in this series of interviews – Natalie Mott. At SearchStars she’ll be sharing some great link building techniques that really work.  


My first question to you is, could you tell me a bit more about what you do at work? What is the highlight of your working day and what kind of projects excites you the most?

I oversee the agency’s channel teams in my current role of Strategy Director, covering Owned, Earned and Paid media. Most of my background is in SEO and Content. I love the variety of agency life and like to get involved in a variety of projects. The highlight of my job is seeing the team learning and developing, and coming up with innovative solutions to clients problems.


When and why did you decide to start working in digital marketing?

To be honest, digital marketing as a career path was initially a bit of an accident for me, though a very happy one. I started working in digital in 2008 as a data researcher for a hotel advertising company. There I learned about SEO and the concept of “high visibility websites”. I was drawn to this job as I love the immediate feedback you get working in digital marketing, seeing your work pay off in an obvious way through analytics and data.


What do you think is the most important thing for new businesses to start off with when it comes to digital marketing?

It all starts with strategy. Understand your businesses goals and what you want to achieve through digital marketing. All things being equal, I would usually prioritize Technical SEO – you need to make sure your website is accessible to search engines in the first instance.


How do you keep up to speed on everything that is happening in digital?

Mostly Twitter and LinkedIn, I have a list of industry thought leaders that I follow. I also regularly read The Drum, Econsultancy, Marketing Week.


At October 9 we will see you speaking at SearchStars, what can the audience expect from your speech?

I will be sharing a number of link building techniques that the audience can take away and use immediately to help their brand or client’s SEO.

Hope to see you all in Malmö October 9 – get your ticket here!

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