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Dominic Woodman at SearchStars 2018

Meet Dominic Woodman, Senior Digital Consultant at Distilled

This is the second time we’ve had the privilege to have Dominic as a speaker at our conferences. He’s a really good speaker and he has loads of interesting stuff to share with us. Get to know him a bit better in this episode off meet the speakers! 
My first question to you is, could you tell me a bit more about what you do at work? What is the highlight of your working day and what kind of projects excites you the most?
I’m a senior consultant at Distilled, a digital marketing agency. There are a couple things that I love in projects. First I want variety, however exciting the project if you end up doing it, again and again, it’ll get boring.
Secondly, I want something with no right answer and a lot of different possible avenues to explore.
Finally, I like projects with a big data angle, I really enjoy working with large amounts of data and being able to tool through it to find useful things.
When and why did you decide to start working in digital marketing?
About 4 years ago now. I started teflSearch, built the website and then realised that “Build it and they will come”, does not apply to the web.
I jumped headfirst into marketing and never turned back. (Although I still run teflSearch and also do other web development. I can’t make up my mind.)
What do you think is the most important thing for new businesses to start off with when it comes to digital marketing?
Know your goals and constraints and make sure the marketing reflects that.
If you need to revenue fast and a couple customers, SEO probably isn’t the channel for you. If you’re trying to get a funding round, then you can be scrappy and rough until you’ve got funding at which point you’ll really benefit from a process.
If you’re a big company looking for growth channels that will scale well, then SEO and product are often going to serve you well.
How do you keep up to speed on everything that is happening in digital?
Make sure I’m really sharp on first principles, that makes it easier to learn everything else.
Then I keep an eye on Twitter and our internal slack. Being at an agency is great for this, as most new developments will be spotted by someone and end up being discussed internally.
At October 9 we will see you speaking at SearchStars, what can the audience expect from your speech?
Hopefully a good one? The talk is will fall somewhere between tactical/strategy and it will be completely in English. My Swedish is not good and I can’t find it in my heart to love herring, sorry all.

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