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Mattias Bergehed, Leovegas at SearchStars

Meet Mattias Bergehed, Head of SEO at LeoVegas

We’re super-excited to introduce our amazing speaker, Mattias Bergehed. In his speech on Off Page and Acquisition in the iGaming industry he’ll share a lot of great insights he has gathered by working in SEO for the last decade.


Q: My first question to you is, could you tell me a bit more about what you do at work? What is the highlight of your working day and what kind of projects excites you the most?

It’s super exciting times for us in the SEO Industry. We recently launched a new front-end-platform (React JS) which enable search engines to crawl and understand our site better, this is a huge project that we’ve been working on for over 1,5 years and it enables us to finally start to targeting generic casino traffic. This will obviously have a huge impact on our business and the expectations moving forward is to be less dependent on affiliates.

My working days, therefore, consists of analyzing the technical performance and work closely with the Tech Organisation in Stockholm to improve areas such as redirect logics, crawlability, as well as identifying landing pages with most potential (impressions) Monitor the LTV of generic keywords in order to better prioritize what products that should get more love and attention. I’m really excited to see our new CRO team start working with A/B testing since we all know how our behavior metrics affects the performance and ranking (Google Rankbrain).

Another area that is close to my heart is new markets, and both Asia and the US offers great opportunities for us. I’m really excited to start looking deeper into search volumes, organic forecasts, and competition, it’s really a “smörgåsbord” of organic growth just waiting for us.

Q: When and why did you decide to start working in digital marketing?

My first real aha moment was 2007 me and my partner Marcus Bengtsson helped a local plumber in Stockholm creating a new website. I remember it as if it was yesterday, after the site was launched it took 3 months before he called me on a friday evening, hysterical about the numbers of calls he received from new customers. From that day I knew that Google is the shit and Organic is where you need to focus.

I’ve always been extremely competitive and I love to win, and I think that’s why digital marketing and especially SEO is something that suits me well. SEO is fantastic because the SERP is the result board, and you always have GA and various tracking tools to backup your results with data, there are no rooms for opinions and I love that.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing for new businesses to start of with when it comes to digital marketing?

The most important thing is to have a clear understanding of who your customer are, what they want and how they behave. By doing that you can adapt your product and more importantly your landing pages.

Make sure to always work with Google Analytics, and if your not a GA master sign up for free courses, I can really recommend to follow David Jurelius aka Data David on his youtube channel.

Q: How do you keep up to speed on everything that is happening in digital?

I read a lot of blogs and industry news on a weekly basis, I really want to recommend Marie Haynes and SEO Roundtable

Q: At October 9 we will see you speaking at SearchStars, what can the audience expect from your speech?
I’ve chosen to speak about Off Page and Acquisition since I think that the data and insights should lay the foundation and be integrated to all the On Page work you do. I will go through our processes and how we scale it, in order to reach maximum growth and SoV.

I hope that this is something everyone can benefit from regardless if you work in a big organisation, media agency or are just in the startup face. I will of course also go through some of the results that we have accomplished by working with these data driven models.

Last but more important I will share some of the biggest mistakes I’ve been experience for the last two years, and some valuable takeaways that you as an SEO person should have in mind moving forward.


Get your ticket for SearchStars and see you in October.

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