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Ronell Smith på SearchStars

Get to know our speakers: Ronell Smith from Moz

Get to know Ronell Smith a bit better!

Ronell Smith på SearchStars

Q. Do you have any favourite quote?

Genius is​n’t seeing what no one else can see; it’s seeing what everyone could see if ​only they looked more closely.

​ — ​commonly attributed to Albert Einstein​

Q. Which digital marketeers do you follow for inspiration? 
  • ​Eric Enge
  • ​Rand Fishkin
  • Dr. Pete Myers
  • Cindy Krum
  • M​iriam Ellis​
Q. What blogs/vlogs/podcasts do you follow?




Q. What´s in your digital toolbox? Any favourites? 
Q. What do you think the next big trend in digital marketing will be? 
​Using content experience to drive customer experience. More brands will realize that content represents the entirety of the experience prospects and customers have with their products and services, which will awaken in them the notion that customer experience can be optimized at every level, not simply during and after purchase.

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