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Thomas Bering has been with Google since 2005 and has worked across most products. The past few years have mainly focused on helping companies to optimize their business with the digital opportunities that have arisen – both with regards to new screens and measurement possibilities as well as how this can and should affect day to day operations.

Q&A with Thomas Bering

Q. What blogs/vlogs/podcasts do you follow?
I honestly don’t follow any marketers or blogs or casts or anything, if I’m not working, I try very hard to not be working :o)
Q. What do you think the next big trend in digital marketing will be? 
The next big trend is with very little (in my mind) data driven machine learning. If you are data driven, you will quite quickly realise that it’s not humanly possible to react to all the relevant data. Likewise, if you only focus on machine learning without valid data then it’s like having a Lamborghini but don’t know where to go.