Kristoffer Yi Fredriksson

Concept Developer at 24HR
Kristoffer Fredriksson at SearchStars

Kristoffer Yi Fredriksson

Concept Developer at 24HR


Kristoffer Yi Fredriksson has worked with interactive media since the late 1990’s. During his career his skills has become obsolete on at least two occasions, forcing him to reboot his career.

Today he calls himself a Concept Developer, which basically means that he draws rectangles for a living, and he can be found at 24HR Malmö, either editing Keynote presentations or reading up on what new technology will upend his line of work the next time.

He’s also the co-host of Bubblan 2.0 which is a Swedish podcast for people who make a living as web-developers or web-designers.

Get to know a bit more about Kristoffer and his talk at SearchStars here!

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Hi, I’m a developer. Let’s be friends.

10 Oct 2019
3:40 pm-4:10 pm
Main Conference Hall