Gamification: your content marketing secret weapon

10 Oct 2019
2:35 pm-3:05 pm
Main Conference Hall

Gamification: your content marketing secret weapon

In 2018 Reflect Digital conducted a piece of research that found 60% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy from a brand if they enjoyed playing a game with it. A huge stat when sat next to the fact 58% said “online ads have little or no influence on their buying behaviour”. This talk is all about how to bring gamification as a content marketing tool into your SEO strategy to earn links, but also to provide data, insight and so much more!

This talk covers how you can integrate gamification into your SEO strategy, earning high quality links at a rapid pace. The talk will cover the do’s and don’ts and a clear case study showing the success possible. We’ll also look at the other benefits of data, consumer insight and the brand ambassadorship that can lead to sales.

In this talk, I will take users through our gamification journey – from a standing start, we were able to reach over 100k users and engage them with a game on a very limited budget. We have since launched games in the UK for brands such as Betfair, Caesars Entertainment and Freesat TV.

What makes gamification special? It humanises your brand and offers a brand experience purely built on light-hearted engagement, as opposed to a sales driven message. It can deliver insight into your customers, this could be relatively high level, or it could be planned into the game to deliver deeper insights. There is return on investment to be had, it should not be the number one objective, as this is more about the long game, but from our own research consumers are saying it will make them more likely to buy from a brand. There are other benefits that can be woven into a gamification campaign, such as data capture, social media engagement, building natural, high authority links for SEO and PR.

The talk will deliver facts from research, practical tips and case studies showing how this has worked for unknown brands through to multinational brands. You can see our full research paper here:

Following the session the audience should feel confident to;

  • Understand how gamification could work with their customer base – we will look at how this can apply to corporates as well as consumer-focused businesses.
  • Put a plan in place for a gamification content strategy with a clear understanding of realistic objectives that can be achieved focusing on links but not forgetting the other benefits.
  • Understand the tracking and data impact that gamification can have on their marketing strategy.