Acquisition and off page SEO in the iGaming industry

09 Oct 2018
1:05 pm - 1:35 pm
Main Conference Hall

Acquisition and off page SEO in the iGaming industry

The iGaming industry is most likely the online vertical that has seen the fastest growth for the last 5 years, less than 20% plays online and all trends and forecasts shows a continuously growth since more markets regulates and players move over to play online.

I’ve been fortunate to work for two of the fastest growing companies within the industry, Catena Media and LeoVegas Gaming Group. They both have a proven track record of Organic growth and successfully acquisition projects, in a Industry with a reputation of extremely hard competition.

In my presentation I will talk about key metrics and processes I use when analysing trends, forecasts and competitions for markets we find interesting and valuable. How we use that data to calculate NDC forecasts (New Depositing Customers) and expected SoV (Share Of Voice) once we either enter a market or buy other properties.

How To combine acquisition data with On-Page?
When I started at Leo, our core property was a single page application build in java-script, no really SEO friendly. If you add that LeoVegas operates in over 8 markets and each market has over 1200 different products/landing pages, you can imagine the complexity of starting from scratch.

During the last 2 years my team has been working really hard to optimize all landing pages for our core markets based on acquisition data and forecasts, in my presentation I will talk about the importance of understanding your market, customers and competitors and use the data and insights in the integration of your On page.

Since we recently launched our new front-end i will share some results, from our data-driven models.

When you work in a big organisation with various stakeholders and departments in other countries, mistakes will happen. I will share some of the biggest ones and learnings moving forward.