Day 1
10 Oct 2019

How to Get Top Tier Links; What we learned by sending 100,000 outreach emails

Verve Search’s Outreach team sent over 100,000 emails last year, earning linked coverage on sites like CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Politiken, Aftonbladet, Dagbladet & more. In this talk, Jonas will take a...
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Jonas Grunfeld speaker at SearchStars 2019
Jonas Grünfeld

Beyond the Basics – Business-led Practical Optimisation Techniques

If you already have a moderate understanding of SEO but want to get some more in-depth insight into how things work and what tools you can use to turbo-charge your...
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Judith Lewis speaking at SearchStars
Judith Lewis

Live on stage: SEO Mythbusting with Martin Splitt

Here’s your chance to ask Martin Splitt – Developer Advocate and Webmaster Trends Analyst Team at Google just about anything (about SEO). Do you have advanced technical questions? Great, that’s...
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Martin Splitt at SearchStars 2019
Martin Splitt
10:10 am-10:40 am


Customizing data collection for search marketing success

There are three Cs fundamental to building a data-informed organization: Communication, Cooperation, and Customization. Communication is necessary to ensure that teams working together towards common goals are able to ignore...
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Simo Ahava at SearchStars 2019
Simo Ahava

CPG giant to digital monster

Digitalizing large companies with history is a huge challenge for many. Daily consumer touch points are shifting to online but how will the companies shift? Let’s gather and share the...
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Ela Celebi speaker at searchstars 2019
Ela Celebi

How to keep your job and not alienate channels: Using GA to measure your marketing across the customer journey

Right, as marketing folk we -know- that our customers take their own unique journey, and their intent at each stage with our brand will change -only- when they are ready...
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Jill Quick
12:20 pm-1:20 pm


PPC Strategies – what award winners do

With the increasing complexity and interconnectivity of Paid Search, a whole spectrum for successful differentiation strategies have opened. We will look at some of the most outstanding Paid Search strategies...
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Anders Hjorth

How to get 150 journalists and developers to care about SEO in their daily work

“Reggie ” Gudmundsson shares his experience as an in-house SEO specialist at Sweden’s biggest domestic website. Aftonbladet has made a journey from being “too big to care” about SEO, to...
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Reggie at SearchStars
Rögnvaldur “Reggie” Gudmundsson

Gamification: your content marketing secret weapon

In 2018 Reflect Digital conducted a piece of research that found 60% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy from a brand if they enjoyed playing a...
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Becky Simms
3:05 pm-3:35 pm


Hi, I’m a developer. Let’s be friends.

Last year at SearchStars there was a bit of doom and gloom, regarding where machine learning and assistants are taking SEO. As a developer Kristoffer saw tons of opportunities rather...
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Kristoffer Fredriksson at SearchStars
Kristoffer Yi Fredriksson

Explosive Growth With Content Marketing Hacks: What works + Why it matters

How/Where to find the best stuff to write Keyword + SEO misconceptions in Content Building a Content Calendar Best practices for organic growth
Taylor Ryan speaker at SearchStars 2019
Taylor Ryan